Solar geyser prices in Zimbabwe

How much are solar geysers in Zimbabwe?

In this post we look at solar geyser prices in Zimbabwe, where to buy one and which brands you have to choose from.

Solar geysers are a great first step to reducing your electricity bill. Water heating can make up as much as 10% of your bill. And with the persistent loadshedding in Zimbabwe, getting solar water heating guarantees you don’t have to heat water outside or take a cold bath in winter.

What type of geyser should you buy?

There are different solar geysers to choose from. Most people buy an evacuated tube collector. It’s the easiest to find, and it’s more efficient than a flat plate collector. It’s the most recommended solar water heater for that reason.

solar geyser prices in Zimbabwe
Evacuated Tube Collector

Other factors consider are whether you want a high pressure or low-pressure system. Here’s a detailed comparison of high-pressure vs low pressure solar geysers.

Solar geyser prices in Zimbabwe

Solar geyser prices depend on the size or capacity of the geyser’s water storage. Naturally, the larger the capacity, the more expensive. Solar geysers come in 100l, 150l and 200l capacities. It’s important to correctly size the geyser, depending on how many people will use it. A family of 4 requires at least a 200l capacity geyser.

How much should you expect to pay for a solar geyser? Here’s a table comparing the average prices and sizes.

Solar geyser size100L150L200L
Average price$400-$470 $450-$600$500-$750
Average price of solar geysers in Zimbabwe

These are prices for low pressure systems. If you’re looking for a high pressure system, you need to add at least $350 to the price.

I did a survey of current prices from different retailers and as at the date of publishing this post, here are the prices you can expect to find.

Monarch solar geysers

Prices: 100L-$479, 150L-$596, 200L-$704

Warranty: 5 years

Availability: Available at Monarch and hardware stores like Halsteds. If you find them, buy directly from Monarch as it works out cheaper.

Bathroom boutique solar geysers

Prices: 100l low pressure $290, 150l low pressure $370, 150l high pressure $589, 200l low pressure $460, 200l high pressure $790.

Warranty: 3 years

Availability: Check their Facebook page.



  • Cool Solar low pressure 100l $453, Cool Solar low pressure 150l $508, Cool Solar low pressure 200l $621
  • Suntask low pressure 150l $536, Suntask low pressure 100l $450, Suntask high pressure 100l $736, Suntask high pressure 150l $1024, Suntask high pressure 200l $1348

Availability: Check their Facebook page and website.

Cool Solar geysers

Prices: 100L – $365, 150L – $445, 200L – $530

Availability: Check their Facebook page and website.


How long does a solar geyser last?

A solar geyser has a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure they give you optimum performance for the duration of their life. Here’s a guide on how to clean your solar geyser.

How effective is a solar geyser in winter?

Days are shorter in winter and the starting temperature of the water is much colder. You will still get hot water, but the solar geyser has to work much harder.

Most solar geysers have a backup electric element so you get hot water if there isn’t enough sun.

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  1. Alfonce Muzata

    Good afternoon. I am doing a research on techno-economic analysis of flat plate collector geysers in Zimbabwe. What are the current prices of flat plate collector geysers?
    Good day.

    1. Hi Alfonce. I haven’t come across flat plate collectors on sale in Zimbabwe. It seems you can only get evaluated tube collectors here so unfortunately I don’t have the information you’re asking for. Best of luck with your research.

  2. Good day,
    I have chromdek roof sheets and would like to enquire if the roof can support a 300 ltrs solar geyser (with water).
    Please advise.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Zahid. A roof whether metal, clay or asphalt can easily support the weight of a solar geyser. I wouldn’t worry too much. If you’re not sure enquire with your supplier.

  3. For a material cost of about $500.00 (3 x 500watt Canadian solar panels “on promotion” and a normally open contactor being the main costs) d.i.y. you may be able to convert your electric geyser to a solar electric geyser using the DC feed directly from the panels. With additional plumbing etc. a vacuum tube solar water heater will possibly cost twice that and you get no thermostat control; boiling and vacuum tube pop in the event of run dry (quite a common site in Zimbabwe).

    1. Thank you for the insightful comment Tony. That sounds like a plan. Not sure how many of us could execute a DIY fit however. Is run dry why I see some tube collectors with brownish tubes or is that dirt?

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