How Much Are Solar Panels in Zimbabwe?

Blackouts and persistent load shedding in Zimbabwe have made solar panels or a generator a necessary standby. If you don’t want to go up to 8 hours without electricity, you’re going to need a backup power supply.

In this post I’ll look at:

  • Solar panel prices in Zimbabwe
  • Complete solar system and installation price
  • The best solar panel brands
Solar panel installation on a roof.
Solar panel installation (Image by Colin Mckay)

What Determines Solar Panel Price?

Panel prices vary depending on the watt rating, type and brand.

Watt rating

The watt rating is how much electricity (measured as watts) the solar panel produces. Panels with higher watt ratings produce more electricity. The higher the watt rating, the more expensive the panel.


There are two main types of solar panels that are most commonly used for residential systems. These are polycrystalline and monocrystalline. The main difference between them is that monocrystalline is more efficient at converting solar energy into electricity.

Here’s my post on the types of solar panels for a more in-depth look.


Familiar brand names are more reliable in terms of quality. No-name brands are cheaper, especially for a small project. But be aware what you’re buying is highly likely to be of inferior quality.

Here’s a list of the top 5 solar panel brands:

BrandWhat the experts say
PanasonicOutstanding specs with the best heat performance.
LG ElectronicsHigh-quality panels backed by a strong reputation.
Canadian SolarBest value for money.
Trina SolarGreat all-round performance at the cheapest price.
SunPowerMost efficient panels around.
Best solar panel brands.


Let’s put watts, type and brand together to see what you can expect to pay for solar panels.

$170JA Solar410WMonocrystalline
$130Canadian Solar325WMonocrystalline
$60No name (Generic)100WPolycrystalline
Solar panel prices in Zimbabwe

How Much Does A Complete Solar System Cost?

Chances are if you’re looking into solar, you’re looking at not just panels but an entire solar kit. A full solar system includes:

Solar kits come in different sizes depending on the load or number of appliances you want to use. The higher the load, the bigger your solar system. As a rough guide, here’s what you can expect to pay for a full system.

1 KVA solar system

Powers TV, lights, Wi-Fi and phone and laptop charging. Costs between $600 to $1200. Costs include installation.

3 KVA system

Powers TV, lights, Wi-Fi, phone and laptop charging and an upright fridge. Costs between $1500-$2000 including installation.

5 KVA system

Powers TV, lights, Wi-Fi, phone and laptop charging, upright fridge, freezer, electric gate and washing machine. Costs between $2500-$3000 including installation.

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