Dear Solar Energy Enthusiast

In early 2019 load shedding came back with a vengeance.

If you’re in Zimbabwe, then you know load-shedding is like an unwanted houseguest. Coming and going, unannounced of course, as they please.

Coupled with load-shedding, electricity tariffs also went up. I’m sure you can imagine my shock at that.

You’re having less electricity and paying more for it! Paying more for less. Isn’t there a law against that?

These things have been a source of frustration for me. From my research, electricity is a huge issue around Africa.

This isn’t likely to change for a while yet, as solving the energy crisis in Africa is going to take some seeing to.

That doesn’t mean I’m content to sit in the dark, however.

What's the best backup power supply?

Being unhappy with the service, or lack thereof, pushed me to seek a solution.

A solution that would work as a backup power supply when the utility supplied electricity was out because of load shedding or a power outage.

At first, I considered a backup generator. But I’ve never liked generators for two reasons.

  1. Generators are noisy.
  2. Running and maintaining a generator can get really expensive.

With those two things in mind, I crossed out generators as a viable solution. I needed something else.

Something that doesn’t make a racket and would work out cheaper. That’s how I got interested in solar.

Why solar energy?

First, I like the idea of producing electricity from the sun. Harnessing a natural resource for my home.

Putting an abundant and freely available source of energy to good use. What could be better than that?

Second, solar energy systems are cheaper than generators in the long run.

Although they’re more expensive upfront, over the course of its lifespan (up to 25 years for the solar panels), solar power has a better return on investment.

You get your money’s worth and then some when you invest in good quality solar.

As I’ve researched solar energy systems, two things have happened to me.

  1. I realized there was very little information out there that can help someone in Zimbabwe like me who wants to go solar but needs a little guidance to help do it affordably and efficiently. Someone who wants quality solar products and after-sales services. 
  2. I’ve become fascinated with renewable energy, particularly how solar and battery technology are evolving and changing the way we live.

That has led me to starting this website. First, to help those like me who want to go solar by providing the type of information they need to make the smart choices. 

Second, to dig deeper into renewable energy and share with you my findings on how it’s shaping a new world.

I’m hoping to make the move to solar soon. As I write this, we’ve already taken the initial steps to having a solar ready home. 

We’ve switched to gas for cooking, started using more energy-efficient appliances, and started being more conscious of how we use electricity. 

I hope that as you browse this website, not only will you find helpful information on solar, but you also discover how solar is transforming lives on this beautiful continent of ours.

May the sun keep shining on you.

Kind regards

Watson Tanganyika

Chief Solar Scout

Solar Scout Founder
Watson (Chief Solar Scout)
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