Solar Battery Prices in Zimbabwe [2022 Guide]

Batteries are a necessary part of a solar system if you’re off-grid (you don’t have a ZESA connection), or if you need backup power for loadshedding.

In this post we’ll look at solar battery prices in Zimbabwe.

Choosing the right solar battery

Before looking at how much batteries cost, you need to pick the right battery. When shopping for solar batteries there’s three main factors to consider. These are:

  1. How are you going to use it?
  2. What type of battery fits your needs?
  3. What size batteries do you need?

Let’s look at each of these.

How are you going to use it?

This determines what type of battery you should get. For instance, if you’re going to be relying entirely on solar for electricity, you might want to go with a lithium battery since it stores more electricity.

If you need batteries for backup power, then gel batteries will work just fine since you won’t be relying on them completely for your electricity.

What’s the best type of solar battery?

There are four types of solar batteries. These are lithium, flooded lead acid, gel and AGM batteries. Lithium batteries provide more energy but they’re the most expensive. Here’s a detailed post on the pros and cons of lithium batteries.

Gel batteries are cheaper but don’t give as much energy. Here’s a detailed look at the pros and cons of gel batteries.

What size batteries do you need?

Sizing a battery bank depends on the type of battery and how much energy you need. A battery bank is two or more batteries wired together.

To accurately size your battery bank, you’ll need to work out your energy needs based on your electricity consumption. If you know you use between 15-20KWh per day then you’re going to have to work out how many batteries you need based on that.

How you work this out will differ if you’re relying entirely on solar for electricity compared to someone using solar as backup power.

Here’s how to correctly size your off-grid battery bank. Here’s how to size for backup power.

Best solar battery brands

Shop around and you’ll bump into a number of battery brands. Typically, these are the most popular solar battery brands you’ll find locally.

  1. Pylontech
  2. Allgrand
  3. Narada
  4. Renogy
  5. BlueNova
  6. Freedom won

How much should you expect to pay?

Locally, these are the average prices for lithium and gel batteries. Flooded lead acid and AGM are a little harder to find.

Lithium solar battery prices in Zimbabwe

Lithium batteries are the most expensive. They do however, have the longest lifespan. Here are some of the prices for lithium batteries from different solar suppliers.

BlueNova1.2KWh (100Ah)$600Taqon Solar
Pylontech1.2KWh (100Ah) 48V$1750Solar City
Pylontech1.8KWh (150Ah)$1300Taqon Solar
Pylontech2.4KWh (200Ah) 24V$1260Solar City
Blue Carbon1.2KWh (100Ah) 24V$875SolarPro Zimbabwe
Blue Carbon2.4KWh (200Ah) 12V$650SolarPro Zimbabwe
Blue Carbon2.4KWh (100Ah) 24V$1150SolarPro Zimbabwe
Lithium solar battery prices in Zimbabwe

Gel battery prices

Gel batteries are the most readily available sealed lead-acid battery in Zimbabwe. Here are some of the prices for gel batteries from different solar suppliers.

AllgrandGel2.4KWh (200Ah) 12V$380Clamore
AllgrandGel1.2KWh (100Ah) 12V$220Solar City
AllgrandGel2.4KWh (200Ah)$375SolarPro Zimbabwe
AllgrandGel1.2KWh (100Ah)$190SolarPro Zimbabwe
VictronAGM2.4KWh (200Ah)$599Solar City
TrojanAGM2.4KWh (200Ah) 12V$390Taqon Solar
Gel battery prices in Zimbabwe


There’s a lot of other battery brands you’ll find locally. Most are made by new manufacturers and don’t have easily verifiable track records. While they’re generally cheaper, you can’t be sure of what you’re buying with them.

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